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Golden Baked Sweet Potato
Package of Golden Baked Sweet Potato “Miyabi”
Authentic MIYABI

Golden Baked Sweet Potato
Sweet like Honey

Discover the irresistible taste of Japan with our baked sweet potatoes called "MIYABI"! Born and raised in Japan, crafted to perfection and infused with a natural sweetness that's as pure and exquisite as honey.

Made with care and precision, our authentic Japanese delicacy is a must-try for anyone who loves great food.

company infoOur company is based in Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki in Kyusyu,Japan
Daichi No Inochi

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Company NameDaichi no Inochi Co., Ltd.
CEOTomoaki Ikuta
Address1968-2 Nakayama, Seihicho, Saikaishi,
Nagasaki, Japan 851-3302

miyabi's featuresSweet like Honey, Easy to Eat

Experience the delectable of "MIYABI",
the highest quality baked sweet potato all of Japan,now available for you to enjoy anytime,anywhere.

With "MIYABI" preparing and enjoying delicious sweet potatoes has never been easier.

Ready to cook and ready-to -eat, simply add it to your favorite dishes and savor the exceptional taste and quality that only "MIYABI" can provide.

Microwave baked sweet potato

2-3 minutes in the microwave

You'll experience the same freshness and taste as if they were just baked. It's just easy to eat !!

thaws naturally in just 30 minutes

thaws naturally in just 30 minutes

While we recommend enjoying it warm and as-is, thaws naturally in just 30 minutes, for a truly enjoyable sacking experience!!

Ready to Cook

Ready to Cook

The versatility of "MIYABI" knows no bounds-it can be incorporated into a myriad of dishes ranging from sweet desserts to savory salads and cooking.

Nutrition Facts

Highly nutrition!
Rich in Vitamin, Minerals, Fiber, Potassium!

Sweet potatoes are highly nutritious
Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

Product Specifications

Product NameMIYABI / Baked Sweet Potato
IngredientsSweet Potato
Place of OriginJapan
Volume of contents2lbs (0.9kg)
MOQ1case ( 12bags )
Price Table Click here for a price list by product size
Expiration date2 years after manufacturing date
Preservation methodFrozen ( below -18 ℃ )
Other Features
  • All Natural
  • Gluten Free
  • High in Fiber
  • No GMO
  • No MSG
  • Additive Free
  • Baked(Not Fried)
  • Vegan

※Due to the characteristics of the product, the color may be uneven or discolored, but this does affect a quality and taste.

about usWelcome to "Life of the Earth"

Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe that the cycle of nature is the key to a sustainable and healthy future. Our company name reflects our commitment to the earth, and sweet potatoes are at the heart of our mission.

Our Belief

Our Belief

These humble yet powerful vegetables not only regenerate the soil, but they also provide vital nourishment for people.

Embark on a culinary journey with us from farm to table.
As passionate farmers,we believe that safety and taste start from the very beginning- the cultivation of our field.

About "MIYABI"

About "MIYABI"

Authentic baked sweet potatoes called "MIYABI" are grown in Japan. We use a special Japanese Sweet potato variety called "Beniharuka" which is scientifically controlled at optimum temperatures and humidity for at least 60days after harvest to promote maturation.

Indulge in the exquisite taste of our sweet potatoes, meticulously prepared to perfection.

sweet potato
farm soil
sweet potato field
Add ice cream to baked sweet potato

Safety and added value are our top priorities

We believe that the cycle of nature is the key to a sustainable and healthy future.
Our company name reflects our commitment to the earth, and sweet potatoes are at the heart of our mission.

Large plant

Large plant

We operate one of Kyushu's largest food processing plants in Saikai, Nagasaki.

The highest standards of hygiene and quality with our management approach, ensuring that every product is crafted with care and attention to detail.

JFS-B Certification

JFS-B Certification

Food processing facility certified to Japanese hygiene standards based on GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and Codex HACCP

JFS-B Certification


Safety and added value

Safety and added value

Step into our state-of-the-art food processing facility, where safety and added value are our top priorities. As a team of passionate food enthusiasts, our greatest joy comes from bringing happiness to people's lives through our delicious and high-quality agricultural products.

Optimal processing

Optimal processing

Our skilled artisans carefully select and adjust each sweet potato to its optimal level before baking it in a far-infrared oven. We've mastered the art of freezing and commercializing these mouth-watering delights.

other productsAll-natural and free from any additives or sweeteners

dried sweet potato

Our Products are not only incredibly sweet and delicious, but it is also all-natural and free from any additives or sweeteners.

We offer a variety of sweet potato products, including our popular dried sweet potatoes. These products have a soft texture, a natural sweetness, and a rich flavor that is beloved by many in Japan.

Our dried sweet potatoes are carefully processed to preserve the quality of the original ingredients and bring out the best flavors.

So chewy and tasty dried sweet potato.
Dried with skin on flavorful and healthy.
Saikai shiranui juce
Saikai kara mandarin juice

q & aQuestions and answers about Japanese Baked Sweet Potatoes

About Sweet Potatoes

What's the name of this type of sweet potato?

Indulge in the tantalizingly sweet flavor and unique texture of the " Beniharuka" variety, known as the " Honey Sweet Potato" in Japan.
Its sticky texture and unparalleled sweetness reminiscent of honey have earned it a well-deserved reputation as a fan favorite.

Where is the sweet potato grown in Japan?

All of our products are harvested in the region of Japan called Kyushu, which is located in the southern part of Japan and It is known for cities like Nagasaki and Hakata.The warm climate is perfect for producing high-quality sweet potatoes.

Is sweet potatoes cultivated popular in Japan? 

Yes, sweet potate cultivation has been popular in Japan for over 400 years, since it was introduced to the country from China via Europe, with its orgins in the Americas, Japan has developed excellent varieties of sweet potatoes, which are very popular today.

Are there other varieties of sweet potatoes?

 We exclusively use the most delicious varieties of sweet potatoes at our company, although there are other types available.

What is the sugar content of the sweet potatoes?

The sugar content of freshly harvested sweet potatoes is around 5-6 degrees, but it becomes sweeter during maturation under certain temperature and humidity conditions.
When baked, the sugar content can reach around 35-40 degrees, resulting in a refreshing and non -cloying sweetness.

What is the black stain on the skin of the sweet potaoes? There is Okay to eat it?

Japanese sweet potatoes contain a special type of sugar lipid called "yarapin" that is renowned for its positive effects on intestinal function and protection of the stomach mucous membrane. However, yarapin is primarily found in the skin of the sweet potato, which can become discolored and appear black due to oxidation when in contact with liquid during harvesting. Rest assured, this discoloration does not affect the quality or taste of the sweet potato in any way. 

What color is the flesh of the sweet potato?

In Japan, most sweet potatoes have yellow or off-white flesh. Although there may be some variation in color between individual sweet potatoes, it does not affect the taste.

About our product YAKIIMO "Miyabi"

What is the expiry date?

Our product is guaranteed to maintain its quality and freshness for up to 2years after its production date.
You can enjoy it with peace of mind knowing that it will taste just as delicious even if stored for an extended period of time.

Can frozen baked potatoes be eaten when thawed naturally?

Yes, they can be eaten after thawing naturally. It is recommnded to eat them this way during hot summer.

Is there a recommended way to thaw the frozen baked potatoes for best taste?

Thaw them in the microwave without wropping them in plastic wrap. Microwave them for 2-3 minutes at 1000 watts.
Please Be Careful not to overheat them, as they may burn. 

How long can they be stored after thawing?

The length of time that our thawed baked sweet potatoes can be safely consumed depends on the storage temperature.
If refrigerated after thawing, they can be enjoyed for up to 2-3 days without any issues. However, please note that they are perishable and we recommend consuming them as soon as possible to ensure maximum freshness and flavor. If you are unable to consume them after thawing, they can be safely refrozen and stored for an extended period of time.

Can the skin be eaten? 

Yes, the skin can be eaten. The skin contains many healthy nutrients, such as dietary fiber. Please try eating it! The peels have been washed, however it may contain a small amount of soil, roots, or fibers. If you notice any of these, please remove them before eating.

What types of arrangements or dishes do you recommend pairing them with for the ultimate culinary experience?

Our baked sweet potatoes can be transformed into a luxurious dessert with just a few simple steps. 
Consider cutting them in hald and topping them with ice cream or caramelizing them with sugar and butter to create a decadent treat that is sure to impress. 
In Japan, these desserts are extremely popular and highly sought-after.
Additionally, cinnamon powder and coffee powder are delicious compliments to the sweet flavor of our baked sweet potatoes.
If you scoop out and mash the flesh of the potato, it can also be used as a base for a variety of cakes, pies, and dishes.
For those looking to get even more creative in the kitchen, consider pairing our baked sweet potatoes with cheese or black sesame seeds to create unique and flavorful dishes. With your own culinary creativity and imagination, the possibilities are endless. 

Does it contain any additives or sweetners? 

Our baked sweet potato " MIYABI" is not only incredibly sweet and delicious, but it is also all-natural and free from any additives or sweeteners. 
This means that the natural sweetness you taste is purely derived from the sweet potato itself, without any added sugars or artificial ingredients. 
They are a wholesome and healthy choice.

Food Safety

At our company, we take hygiene and food safety very seriously.  That`s why we have implemented a rigorous hygiene management system based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). This system helps us identify and manage potential food safety hazards at every step of our production process, ensuring that our products are safe and of the highest quality. 
To further support our commitment to hygiene and quality, we have also invested in a state-of-the-art factory equipped with the latest technologies and equipment.
This allows us to maintain strict quality control and produce our products in a clean and sanitary environment. With these measures in place, we can assure our customers that they are receiving the safest and highest quality products possible. 

What does "Miyabi" mean?

"Miyabi" is a Japanese word that means elegant or graceful. When we named our baked sweet potato" MIYABI, " we wanted to convey the sense of beauty and refinement that is associated with this word. Our hope is that when you enjoy our sweet potatoes, you will not only taste their delicious natural sweetness but also experience the elegance and grace of the natural world from which they come.
We believe that by savoring the bounty of nature in this way, we can all feel more connected to the earth and appreciate its richness and beauty.

About products other than baked sweet potatoes

We offer a variety of sweet potato products, including our popular dried sweet potatoes. These products have a soft texture, a natural sweetness, and a rich flavor that is beloved by many in Japan. Our dried sweet potatoes are carefully processed to preserve the quality of the original ingredients and bring out the best flavors. 
They make a great snack or can be used in various dishes as a healthy and delicious ingredient. 

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